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Talisman Energy, Piper Bravo - dehydration inlet gas cooler

Allards International Ltd undertook the thermal design, mechanical design, engineering, expediting, procurement, fabrication, and testing and inspection of the dehydration inlet gas cooler - shell and tube heat exchanger.

This heat exchanger was designed as a single, horizontal-orientated vessel. With sea water being used in the cooling process, titanium tubes were specified for the tube-side and with hydrocarbons on the shell-side, the shell was manufactured in 22% Cr Duplex.

With a time-frame of just over eight months for design, procurement and fabrication, Allards International delivered the completed heat exchanger to Peterhead in September 2006 for integration into the Piper Bravo production platform in the North Sea.

The final weight of the unit was around 8,000kg.

• Scope of work: shell & tube heat exchanger
• TEMA type: AEU 787-6096
• Materials: titanium tubes, 22% Cr duplex shell
• Design pressure bar(g): shellside 120, tube side 50
• Design temperature min/max (C): shellside -50/80, tube side -7/80
• Design code and regulations: PD5500, TEMA R and PED 97/23/EC
• Number of tubes: 720 tubes (360 U-tubes)

Key Data

ClientWood Group Engineering (North Sea) Ltd
ContractorAllards International Ltd
Project locationNorth Sea; UK
Date (year)2006
ServicesDesign; Fabrication; Inspection
TechnologiesCoolers; Heat exchangers
SectorOffshore; Oil and gas