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The Semi-Welded Plate and Frame Heat Exchanger for safety and corrosive media. 

Two individual plates are laser welded together to create gas-tight modules for the “plate pack”. This heat exchanger is ideal to be used for special process conditions, in particular aggressive media.  Only two ring gaskets fitted between two welded modules are in contact with the aggressive media. The modules are mounted between a fixed and movable pressure plate compressed by tightening bolts. 

Semi-Welded Plate & Frame Heat Exchangers for Safety
Semi-Welded Plate & Frame Heat Exchangers for Safety

 Design Benefits


• Compact design and low operating weight
• High flexibility for changing process conditions
• Manufactured to all design codes including ASME VIII, PD5500
• Fully compliant with pd2014/68/EU

• Wide range of metallurgies including Stainless Steel, Duplex, 254SMO, Hastelloy and Titanium plate material.

Thermal Performance Benefits

• High heat transfer coefficients
• High thermal effectiveness


1 - Service Medium	2 - Critical Medium  3 - Ring Gasket	   4 - Plate Gasket  5 - Laser Weld	6 - Closed gap by laser weld
1 - Service Medium 2 - Critical Medium 3 - Ring Gasket 4 - Plate Gasket 5 - Laser Weld 6 - Closed gap by laser weld

Operational Benefits

• Reliable, easy to operate and maintain
• Safe for use with aggressive media
• Ideal for special process conditions or difficult environments
• Fast and low cost installation
• Higher efficiency compared to equivalent shell & tube heat exchangers
• Wide range of working temperatures and pressures for full operational flexibility
• Heat transfer area can be increased or decreased by adding/removing modules
• Spare modules, gaskets can easily be supplied.



Plate Heat Exchangers can be used in both single phase and two-phase duties for:

• Refineries & Petrochemical Plants
• Oil & Gas Production
• Nuclear Industry
• Heating & Cooling
• Heat recovery
• Condensation & Evaporation

Example fluid combinations include:

• Water /  Sea Water / Steam
• Homogeneous and low viscous fluids
• Amine / Glycols
• Hydrocarbons
• Condensate
• Petrochemical fluids

Allards International Ltd use specially developed in-house software to thermally and mechanically design each heat exchanger according to code and client specifications. 

For further information or for a quotation, please contact us . Click here to download a copy of our Semi Welded Plate and Frame Leaflet. (341kb)