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The Plate and Frame Heat Exchanger is a very efficient heat transfer device.  

The gasketed plate and frame heat exchanger is modular in design. Available in a combination of different plate configurations, it allows the optimisation of thermal transfer or pressure drop.

• Compact design, low space requirement, lightweight.
• Modular, offering a high degree of flexibility.
• Capacity can be adjusted by adding or removing plates.
• Easily disassembled within its own footprint.
• Excellent fouling resistance due to high turbulence and smooth surfaces.
• High corrosion resistance.
• Minimum risk for leakages.
• Design pressure vacuum to 25bar.
• Single- or multi-pass plate arrangements are possible.
• Manufactured to all design codes including ASME, PD5500, AD-Merkblatter 2000.
• Fully compliant with CE marking in accordance with PED 97/23/EC.
• Plate material can be stainless steel, 904L, 254SMO, hastelloy or titanium.
• Gasket material can be NBR, EPDM, chlorophene, butyl, or viton.

Key Data

System type Modular
Types Plate heat exchangers
Construction Gasketed
Applications Process industry
Maximum pressure (bar) 25