Gasketed Plate & Frame Heat Exchanger

The Plate and Frame Heat Exchanger with gasketed plates is a very efficient heat transfer device. 

The Plate & Frame heat exchanger consists of specially formed individual plates and are assembled to form the “plate pack”.  A gasket of suitable material between the plates seals the liquid  and directs the flow. The end frames and heavy threaded rods compress the plate pack to create a highly efficient heat transfer unit.   

Aux. Circuit Cooler

 Design Benefits


• Compact design and low operating weight
• High flexibility for changing process conditions
• Manufactured to all design codes including ASME VIII, PD5500
• Fully compliant with PD2014/68/EU
• Wide range of metallurgies including Stainless Steel, Duplex, 254SMO, Hastelloy and Titanium plate material.


Thermal Performance Benefits

• High heat transfer coefficients
• High thermal effectiveness


Steam Condensate Cooler

Operational Benefits

• Reliable, easy to operate and maintain
• Higher efficiency compared to equivalent shell & tube heat exchangers
• Wide range of working temperatures and pressures for full operational flexibility 
• Heat transfer area can be increased or decreased by adding/removing additional plates
• Units can be easily disassembled for maintenance and modification
• Spare plates and gaskets can be supplied

Plate & Frame Heat Exchanger Flow Diagram
Plate & Frame Heat Exchanger Flow Diagram

Plate Heat Exchangers can be used in both single phase and two-phase duties for:

• Refineries & Petrochemical Plants
• Oil & Gas Production
• Nuclear Industry
• Heating & Cooling
• Heat recovery
• Condensation & Evaporation

Heat Exchanger Plates

Example fluid combinations include:

• Water /  Sea Water / Steam
• Homogeneous and low viscous fluids
• Amine / Glycols
• Hydrocarbons
• Condensate
• Petrochemical fluids

Allards International Ltd use specially developed in-house software to thermally and mechanically design each heat exchanger according to code and client specifications. 

For further information or for a quotation, please contact us . Click here to download a copy of our Gasketed Plate and Frame Leaflet. (341kb)